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About us

We believe that people deserve caregivers who are a good fit culturally, socially, and even speak the same language.

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Why we built Carefluent

A trusted resource for those who need care

Carefluent was founded to fill a need for delivering non-medical care that matches careseekers and caregivers based on things they have in common. Our highest priority is to match both the Careseeker and our skilled Care Companions social, cultural, and linguistic preferences.

Careseekers access Carefluent in-home services through our custom caregiving programs built for leading-edge employers and progressive health plans.

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Our caregivers are as diverse as you are

Cultural compatibility and AI technology

Finding a caregiver who is a good fit culturally, socially, and even speaks the same language feels impossible. That’s because traditional home health agencies and online marketplaces and platforms overlook the importance of these critical factors. At Carefluent, we understand that building a caregiving relationship requires trust. Cultural compatibility creates relatability, which promotes empathy, enhances trust, and fosters stronger connections. That’s what makes us the leading edge of home health.

We leverage technology to create stronger connections, ensuring a far superior caregiving relationship.

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“My focus, and commitment, is ensuring that Carefluent is a trusted resource where those who need care, and their loved ones, feel respected, cared for, and their needs and preferences are prioritized. That is my personal mission – and the commitment of every single person on the Carefluent team.”

Daphney Vick, Founder and CEO
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Meet Daphney, Carefluent Founder and CEO and former Careseeker.

Daphney Vick is here to change in-home care for the better

Daphney was inspired to create Carefluent when her own father was sick and needed assistance from in-home caregivers. After scouring the internet, speaking with friends and neighbors in an urgent attempt to find quality in-home care for him, she realized that none of the agencies or caregivers asked about his values, traditions, language needs or even the types of cuisine he enjoys. The focus was solely on services and price. Stricken by the lack of consideration for culturally compatibility, relationship-building, and trust, Daphney created Carefluent: highly personalized, culturally-responsive care that’s just that – personal.

Prior to launching Carefluent, Daphney worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years serving in various executive leadership roles at UnitedHealth Group/Optum as well as startup corporations—including CityBlock and Vatica Health. She also held various roles at Washington Hospital Center/MedStar Health, Executive Health Exams International, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). She currently serves as an NCQA Special Needs Plan Surveyor.

Daphney is very passionate about mentoring women in the workforce, especially the “sandwich generation” who are raising kids, working outside the home, and serving as a caregiver for loved ones.

Daphney is an avid reader and traveler who lives in the Charlotte, NC region with her family.