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Partner with Carefluent to tackle the most significant caregiving obstacle confronting your employees today – finding a trustworthy and suitable caregiver for their loved ones.

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Caregiving and employees

Looking after family members can have an impact on how well employees perform their job.

At the same time, employees are concerned that confessing to caregiving responsibilities could harm their chances of advancing in their career.

When employees must care for loved ones, it can cause them to feel stressed and unfocused. This can result in them taking time off work, cutting down their hours, or even resigning to provide care. As a result, employers experience high rates of turnover, absenteeism, and reduced productivity, all of which can have a significant financial impact on the business.


Percent of employees reported having some type of current caregiving responsibilities.


Average hours per week employees report caregiving for a loved one


Percent of all employees have voluntarily left a job due to caregiving responsibilities.

Caregiving benefits

Choosing the Right Caregiving Benefits Partner for Your Employees and Their Families

As an employer, it’s important to choose a caregiving benefits partner that can effectively meet the needs of your employees and their families. A recent study found that the economic cost of caregiving responsibilities in the workplace amounts to a staggering $264 billion per year. Many caregiving agencies and platforms that offer benefits often overlook the significance of caregiver matching. Providing inadequate matches can be just as harmful as not having caregiving available at all.

“Employers are in a race to attract and retain the best talent and the growing presence of caregivers in the workplace represents both a threat to their success and an opportunity.”

Debra Lerner, MSc, PhD
Invisible Overtime: What employers need to know about caregivers
Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers

Meet Carefluent

Boost Your Employee’s Performance with Carefluent’s Cutting-Edge Matching Technology

Carefluent utilizes its proprietary technology to provide personalized matches that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. This approach leads to an enhanced caregiving experience by eliminating the challenge of finding compatible caregivers who share the same values, traditions, language, and even cuisine. By granting access to Carefluent’s caregivers, who treat their clients like family, your employees can work with peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are receiving excellent care.

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Enhance Employee Well-being with Carefluent’s Skilled Care Companions

While reliable caregiver support is a crucial aspect of employee well-being, it’s frequently overlooked. That’s where Carefluent comes in: they offer highly skilled in-home Care Companions who alleviate the emotional and physical toll of caregiving duties for employees.

When employers provide Carefluent as a sponsored benefit, they not only ease the financial burden on their workers but also increase engagement, retention, and productivity. By teaming up with Carefluent, you can give your employees peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are receiving excellent care.

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80% of employees with caregiving responsibilities admitted that caregiving affected their productivity.

Harvard Business School | Managing the Future of Work

When employers ask:

How can I increase productivity, reduce turnover, decrease absenteeism, and recruit talent?

We have the answer:

Carefluent employee caregiving benefits. Today.

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What Is Employer-sponsored personal in-home care?

Employer-sponsored personal in-home care is when an employer provides resources and support to their employees who need assistance at home with activities of daily living, such as medication reminders, meal prep, ambulation, grooming, etc…. That assistance can be financial and may also extend to the employees’ family members.

How does Carefluent assist employers who are interested in providing in-home care as a sponsored benefit?

Carefluent offers several easy, cost-effective options for employers to provide this important caregiving benefit to their employees. We will set up your employees’ accounts and provide access to our specialized network of thoroughly screened in-home Care Companions. Your employees will then be able to personalize their search criteria, interview, and select an in-home Care Companion that meets their preferences and needs. We will also provide regular reporting so you can monitor usage.

How does Carefluent ensure that my employees have access to only the best in-home care companions?

All Carefluent in-home Care Companions must meet our strict eligibility criteria, complete several assessments, then undergo a thorough background check and drug screening process. Only after successful completion of those requirements are the in-home Care Companions permitted to create a full profile on the Carefluent platform and be presented for consideration by a Careseeker. Carefluent has a carefully curated network of highly qualified in-home Care Companions.

How much do employers pay to provide sponsored, personalized in-home care?

The average business will pay $500 per year, per employee, to contribute towards the cost of personalized in-home care. Some employers increase the benefit amount for their executive leaders. In all instances, employees pay directly for services once they have exhausted the employer-sponsored amount.

Can employees use health savings, health reimbursement, and flexible spending accounts to pay for caregiving services?

HSAs, HRAs, and FSAs may be used to pay for qualified caregiving services expenses for dependents. Employees should consult their tax professional for more detailed information.

Does Carefluent accept other subsidies for payment?

Currently, Carefluent does not accept other subsidies, but we hope to do so in the near future.

How do we get started?

Contact us today either via email or 855.227.3196. We will help you select the best solution for your company and work with you to launch your new Personal Home Care benefit within a few weeks.

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