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Partner with Carefluent provide your members access to in-home care that caters to their social, cultural, and linguistic needs, and also furnishes you the necessary data to enhance their health outcomes.

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Meet Carefluent

Caregiving programs designed to complement value-based care and gap closure initiatives.

Carefluent provides personalized, culturally responsive caregiving services that intentionally seeks out the preferences of both the Careseeker and the in-home Care Companions.

Our focus on social, cultural, and linguistic needs and preferences creates connections that drive down costs typically associated with non-adherence to physicians’ treatment plans. Infusing compassion, empathy, respect, and understanding into care delivery preserves dignity, patient engagement, and satisfaction.

The future of care delivery is highly personalized, culturally responsive and aging primarily takes place in the home. Carefluent is the launchpad to enable this kind of healthcare experience, today!

Daphney Vick
Founder and CEO, Carefluent

Gather data.
Leverage insights.

Our proprietary platform provides a comprehensive view and valuable date on quality of life and health. Leveraging these insights can close gaps in care, lead to more in-depth conversations at the next appointment, and inform referrals to appropriate resources. These data-driven actions support better long-term health outcomes, improve the quality of care, and lower the cost of care.

Become a Health Plan Partner

Culturally sensitive care leads to improved equity, lower healthcare costs, better outcomes, and improved quality of life.

Find a Care Companion

Culturally compatible care

Tech-enabled custom matching

Carefluent recognizes the important influence that sociocultural and linguistic factors have on quality of care and health outcomes. The cultural beliefs of an individual have a significant impact on their care decisions, making it a crucial aspect of the caregiving journey. In many cases, socioeconomic factors hinder an individual’s ability to navigate the complex healthcare system or access available support. Carefluent employs its exclusive technology to provide customized matches that cater to the specific needs of each person. This method results in an improved caregiving experience by eradicating the obstacle of finding compatible caregivers who share the same values, traditions, language, and even food preferences.

People with limited English proficiency may encounter difficulty communicating their symptoms, circumstances, and concerns, as well as comprehending the treatment prescribed for their chronic conditions.

Daphney Vick
Founder and CEO, Carefluent

What to expect from Carefluent

Experienced Care Companions

Our highly qualified and carefully vetted in-home Care Companions are experienced caregivers. Each have passed three unique assessments, a comprehensive background check, a drug test, and other relevant screenings. Most are fluent in a foreign language and/or certified home health aides and nursing assistants.

Fully Integrated Platform

Accessible, intuitive, fully-integrated platform All functions are easily performed using Carefluent’s proprietary platform. Our intelligent algorithm matches those who need care with an in-home Care Companion based on their unique social, cultural, and linguistic needs and preferences.

Enhanced Quality of Care

Carefluent offers a comprehensive solution that integrates personalized and culturally sensitive in-home care with health risk assessment screenings and social determinants of health, resulting in enhanced quality of care, improved health outcomes, and greater member satisfaction, all while reducing the cost of care.

Targeted support

Data-driven care management

Carefluent’s Care Companions, who provide care to members as if they were family, can assist in collecting information on variables such as housing, transportation, food, interpersonal safety, and other factors that greatly affect health outcomes. This information is then organized in a structured format and returned to the health plan to be combined with medical, behavioral, and other data to generate a complete picture of the member. This data-driven more complete picture allows for targeted outreach for care management and other support programs for which the member may be eligible.

What is the Social Needs Assessment?

Social Needs Assessments aid in identifying Social Determinants of Health. This tool screens for five core social needs which are related to, and impact, health. These include housing, food, transportation, utilities, and personal safety. The tool uses validated screening questions and can also be used to assess employment, education, childcare, and financial strain.

What is the Health Needs Assessment?

Health Risk Assessments aid in identifying individuals at high risk of certain chronic conditions. HRAs evaluate lifestyle factors and health risks of an individual.

How can carefluent help risk-bearing provider organizations succeed in value-based care?

Carefluent partners with IPAs, CDSs, ACOs and other provider organizations that participate in at-risk agreements, including value-based care contracts. We partner with you to develop a custom program which maximizes performance in your VBC contracts. We typically provide continuity of care management support, help patients achieve compliance with discharge plans, transportation to/from preventive health and screening appointments, assistance with errands, and more.

How do we get started?

Contact us today either via email or 855.227.3196. We will help you select the best solution and work with you to launch your new Personal in-home care benefit within a few weeks.

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